Medical Information & Guidelines

We have summarised below the information we have shared via letters or the Parent Bulletin previously:

PLEASE REMEMBER to keep the school up-to-date with any changes to your emergency contact details.   If an emergency situation should arise with your child it is vital that we are able to contact you as soon as possible.

If your child has to take any type of medication during the school day (antibiotics for example), it should be taken to Student Services on the Senior Site and the office on the Junior Site for keeping until it is required.   This should be accompanied by a med one form, which asks for details of when and how much should be taken, these can be downloaded here MED1 form.pdf.  A member of staff will then ensure that the medication is properly administered.

Students should not keep medication with them during school time.  This is to avoid someone taking something that is not suitable for them.  Inhalers may be kept by the students and named where possible.

Student inoculation records are not kept by the school.  We will advise of vaccinations via school comms when these are due including the relevant form for you to give consent.

If your child has a chronic condition that the school is aware of, please help us to help them by keeping us informed of any changes.  This is particularly important if they take part in any school trips or activities as school records are used to collate relevant information. 

If you are aware that your son/daughter is unwell and not fit to attend school please keep them at home.  Any vomiting or diarrhoea should be given a clear 24 hour period to avoid the spread of viruses.

Please ensure any injuries sustained at the weekend are dealt with before students return to school. If your child has sustained an injury and is on crutches, please ensure that they report to Student Services on the Senior Site and the Office on the Junior Site the first day that they are back in school.

Please note - members of staff are not able to treat suspected fractures/breaks.

Students who feel unwell during the school day should visit Student Services on the Senior Site and the Office on the Junior Site for medical needs where they will be assessed and parents/carers called should they need to go home. Students should not use their mobiles to contact home themselves.  They may be assessed and asked to return to lessons if they have a cold or headache.  They will not automatically be sent home.