“To live in a mathematically-driven world and not know math's is like walking through an art museum with your eyes closed. “  

Our mission is to provide an environment where students learn and become accurate, efficient, flexible and creative problem solvers. We contribute to the development of students as numerate, mathematical thinkers and enable them to become life- long learners. We equip them to be numerically competent and teach them to apply that competence to the context of their chosen professions.  We encourage them to understand basic finances and to understand and interrogate data in the public domain so that they become productive and informed citizens.

Our Curriculum

Our team have transformed our classroom practice to integrate the five big ideas of mastery teaching and learning.  We believe that every student can learn mathematics.  Our curriculum is coherent, we use multiple representations and structures and we encourage mathematical thinking (Head).  We work toward mathematical fluency (Habit) and we use both procedural and conceptual variation in our daily classroom practice (Hands).  

To view a copy of the Mathematic's Learning Journeys from KS2-4 click here

We follow the White Rose curriculum in mathematics from year 5 to 11.  Our curriculum spirals giving students the opportunity to regularly visit mathematical concepts they enjoy and grow as they grapple with mathematics they find challenging. Within each spiral, we develop basic numeracy, data handling, shape and measure and algebra. With each interaction we strengthen the foundation and increase the depth to which we study the topic, culminating in a mastery of each of the four strands which allows students to solve complex problems from multiple perspectives. This structure also gives us the ability to track and address both strengths and weaknesses in each year group.  We can ensure that all students in a cohort make progress in the essential areas that underpin progress in coming years. 

The variation in mastery teaching allows the team to address misconceptions as and when they occur.  We are research informed and incorporate additional successful techniques in teaching and learning.  We address the successes and challenges of these techniques as a team and work toward a consistent experience in each classroom.  

We focus on oracy to enable students to express their thoughts and show deep understanding of mathematical structure (Heart) as well as interact with others thoughtfully and productively.  We emphasise use of correct mathematical vocabulary and mathematical literacy to support students in negotiating the language of written mathematics.  

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Assessment in Mathematics

Pupils are assessed termly throughout KS3 and an overview of each topic can be viewed below.  The KS4 examplar assessment materials can be found at the link above.