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Year 5 and 6 White polo shirt with academy logo when not wearing an academy sweatshirt. When wearing an academy sweatshirt students may wear a plain white polo shirt.

Year 7 to 11 White collared shirt or revere neck blouse

Year 5 and 6 Navy blue round necked sweatshirt with academy logo - compulsory item

Year 7 to 11 Navy knitted ‘V’ neck sweater with academy motif, compulsory item for Year 7 and optional for Year 8 to 11

Year 7 to 11 Navy/gold tie with academy logo, compulsory item depending on your shirt style, see bullet point 2 above (no tie required with revere neck blouses)

Year 8 to 11 Navy blazer with academy motif, compulsory item for Year 8 to 11 and optional for Year 7

Plain grey skirt, divided grey skirt or plain grey trousers (not multi-grey, coloured or black and not cords, jeans or leggings or other forms of stretch material)

Students may choose to wear plain, dark grey tailored knee length shorts

Grey, white or black socks; black or grey tights

Coats should be suitable for all weather conditions and not extreme fashion items.

Black leather/faux leather school shoes (lace-up, Velcro, zip or buckle fastening) NOT trainers, trainer style shoes or canvas shoes.

Heels to be no higher than 1 or 2 cms

Boots may be worn in inclement weather and shoes brought in to change into, boots must not be worn in school

PE and Sports Wear

Outdoor activities:

White/navy T shirt with academy motif, or a plain white collarless T shirt

Plain shadow stripe navy shorts (not cycling shorts)

Long navy/gold socks and white ankle socks for netball, compulsory items

Year 5 to 11 Navy/gold multisports shirt with academy motif, compulsory item for Year 5 to 7 and optional for Year 8 to 11

Year 8 to 11 Navy/gold quarter zip top, compulsory item

Plain navy tracksuit/jogging trousers with KJAR printed on back of leg - no contrasting piping, stitching or logos. This item is optional

Plain navy PE leggings with KJAR printed on back of leg. This item is optional


Football boots

Outdoor summer activities and indoor work:

White/navy T shirt with academy motif, or a plain white collarless T shirt

Plain shadow stripe navy shorts (not cycling shorts)

White socks

Training shoes / plimsolls

Swimming activities:

Swimming costume / trunks (not long shorts)

A waterproof bag for wet kit/towel

Change of underwear


Haircuts should look smart and not follow extreme fashion trends which draw unnecessary attention to the student. For health and safety the wearing of hair braids or beads is not recommended. For PE, and Science, long hair should be tied back.

Parents / Carers experiencing financial difficulties in equipping their child with King James Academy Royston uniform should contact their child’s school site.


Where can I buy uniform from and how much will it cost?

The sole uniform supplier for King James Academy Royston is Schoolyard, Units 1&2 RO, 24 Jarman Way, Royston SG8 5FE

Tel: 0800 132988



Open 7 days a week: Monday–Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s uniform or PE kit?

Please email the school office, and a message will be sent to the appropriate staff

Can my child wear religious dress?

Yes, please write to the Headteacher to request an appointment to discuss wearing of religious dress

How can I help my child not to lose any items of their uniform?

You should write your child’s name clearly in black permanent pen on every item of their uniform, including their PE kit. The uniform provider, Schoolyard, offer an embroidery initial service onto PE kit

Can my child wear jewellery?

Years 8 - 11

A wristwatch and one plain stud in each ear may be worn. No other jewellery (including facial piercings of any kind) is permitted.

Make-up, where worn, should be light and hair styles/colours should be suitable for a professional work place and not be extreme. Nail varnish may be worn but should be removed for Food Technology lessons for health and safety reasons.

Please note that students failing to adhere to this uniform code will be loaned the appropriate item for the day as far as possible or will work in isolation until the problem is rectified.

Years 5 – 7

Jewellery - Watches are the only form of jewellery permitted, including ‘Fitbits’ ™ that monitors health only. ‘Fitbits’ ™ that receive communications are not permitted.

Ear-piercing - Parents and Carers are requested to arrange for children who wish to have their ears pierced during the academy year to have this done at the beginning of the summer holiday so that the pierced hole will heal during the holiday period and the earring(s) can be removed before the child returns to academy in September.

We do not allow students to wear earrings at any time, including when they have recently had their ears pierced.

No other body piercings are allowed.

We operate this rule to protect the health and safety of our students.

Can my child wear make-up?

Years 5, 6 and 7 are not permitted to wear make-up, nail varnish or acrylic nails

Years 8 to 11 may wear make-up, and nail varnish, which must be modest and discrete. Lipstick, false eyelashes and acrylic nails are not allowed.

What happens in hot weather with ties (Years 7 to 11) and blazers (Years 8 to 11, optional Year 7)?

All students will be expected to wear their ties and/or blazers, depending on year group, to and from school. The Headteacher will decide whether students can remove their ties/blazers inside the classroom.

What will happen if my child is in the wrong uniform?

In line with the King James Academy Behaviour Policy your child will be issued with a “consequence”.

Catering at KJAR

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Term Dates

Term Dates 2020/2021


Absence Notification

We ask that parents or carers contact us on each day of absence before 8.30am by either telephoning the office on

01763 242236 or by emailing

Absence for appointments during the school day

All non-emergency medical appointments should be made outside of the school day. If your child needs to attend an emergency appointment parents/carers should advise the office in advance by email or telephone. We also request that confirmation of the appointment i.e. appointment card, text or email are given in advance or on returning from the appointment. Absences for appointments will be recorded as unauthorised if evidence is not provided.

Request to authorise absence from school due to exceptional circumstances

Schools are only able to authorise absence from school in exceptional circumstances. In making a request for an authorised absence from school you need to explain why you feel that the circumstances are exceptional.

Please note there is no right to authorise absence for a family holiday. If you take your child out of school without permission the absence will be unauthorised and we may refer the matter for consideration of legal action. You will need to explain why you are applying for an authorised absence and the circumstances which make your application exceptional, and why the leave cannot be taken within the normal 13 weeks annual holiday your child already has from school.

Click here to download our absence request form

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