Hello, welcome to King James Academy, Royston

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about King James.  We are proud of our through school and firmly believe it is our core mission to provide high quality education for the young people in our community; 'inspiring excellence, building character'.

I am delighted to welcome you to King James Academy in the heart of Royston.  We put our pupils at the center of everything we do.  We have excellent staff and facilities whilst maintaining strong links with our local community.  

King James offers young people a unique through school educational experience from Key Stage 2 to 4, where they can develop, grow and enrich in the wealth of experiences . They will have the opportunity to thrive in partnership with staff, their peers and be a known member of the King James community.  Every young person will leave King James as a kind, caring person who understands their place within the wider world and has high expectations of themselves and others, so that they are ready to excel in their next challenge post-16.

Lisa Plowman