Home Learning and Revision

At King James we are committed to promoting independent learning beyond the classroom, as we know this further develops our pupils curiosity and their resilience, as they are able to self regulate their own learning.

Aims of Home Learning:

  1. To develop and extend learning in school

  2. To encourage independent learning

  3. To develop self-discipline and personal organisation

How Home Learning is set:

  • Staff will share the learning with pupils in the lesson and it will not be required for the next day (KS2&3).

  • A date for completion will be given

  • An approximate time will be provided

  • KS2 learning is recorded in Pupil Planners

  • KS3 & KS4 learning is recorded in G4S (KS3 students can request a planner, if required).

Our pupils can expect to receive regular homework and at specific points in the year they will be set tasks to revise. Your child's tutor and subject teachers will outline how to plan for revision and give details of different revision techniques that can be used. Our experience of revision success over many years has always been that children must find revision techniques that work best for their memory, whether this be flash cards, mind mapping, note taking using the 'Cornell' method or some thing else. Please do encourage your child to experiment and tray again, if first they do not succeed.

Home Learning Timetables for Key Stage 2:

KS2 Home Learning Expectations.pdf

Home Learning Timetables for Key Stage 3:

KS3 Home learning timetables.pdf

Home Learning Timetables for Key Stage 4:

KS4 Home Learning Timetables 2021_22.pdf

GCSE Exam support:

Support for GCSE Subjects.pdf
Year 11 Exam Ready 9_2_2022.pdf