September 2020

Mr FarquharAt the beginning of the pandemic, little did we know about how our lives would be affected and how we would have to adapt to the changing environment. King James Academy’s response to these unprecedented challenges has been both prudent and pragmatic throughout and we finished the last academic year in the strongest possible way. 

I am delighted that we can look forward to welcoming back all the students and teachers to school at the start of September. Alongside our aims to provide a excellent educational provision, KJAR is also known for the outstanding quality of pastoral care – the welfare of our pupils is our number one priority. 

This document seeks to reassure those within our school community that we will reopen with vigour and purpose, but provide a safe and secure environment for all. The document provides an overview of how the school will operate and also how we plan to deal with a number of potential scenarios.

As you can imagine, forward planning has been complex and challenging and my thanks goes to the  staff who have contributed a huge amount of time, thought, and energy into producing this document.

No doubt there will be further challenges ahead, but KJAR is blessed with a dedicated team of highly professional and talented staff and we will respond positively to the ‘new normal’. Above all, this document reaffirms our commitment to provide the best possible learning environment for your children, while looking after their welfare, and continuing to uphold our core values.

The excitement is growing and we can’t wait to get everyone back to KJAR, but in the meantime I hope that you continue to enjoy the summer.


Gordon Farquhar



Linked below are seven PDF documents - one for each year group. Please take the time to look at the PDF documents for any year groups that your children are in for more information.


Year 5 September Introduction

Year 6 September Introduction

Year 7 September Introduction

Year 8 September Introduction

Year 9 September Introduction

Year 10 September Introduction

Year 11 September Introduction

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