POSTED ON - 29th Nov 2019

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There will be no blog next week due to our occasional day on Friday 6th December. 


I’d like to start by thanking Year 11 parents for attending the Year 11 parents evening this week. As we run into Mock exams it's a really important time for those students. Year 11 have taken a great approach this year and these mocks will really help us identify the key areas to focus on to be ready for the summer. 


After serious consideration as a school, Year 7 to 11 will be invited to take part in a mock general election. This will be totally optional and will run during lunch times (timetable to be prepared showing debates taking place). I believe it’s important that we show students how democracy works and actually in a very structured way, at times discuss with them the key issues of our country. We have selected the students who will represent each party and made it very clear that whilst policy might be discussed, it’s important that we model to students how democracy should run and not engage in the negative aspects of politics, which appears to be marring the real election. No member of staff will be making any political commentary or sharing their personal political opinion and lunchtime debates and events will be supervised by senior staff. Year 5 and 6 will do a mock election activity later on in the school year, which will not be based on the political parties or the current election.


Year 5 and 6 students took part in a drama workshop this week. Some of the Twitter feeds show some great video footage of the activities going on. I would advise all parents to consider following some of the school Twitter feeds, as you will see some of the great activities going on across the school. One of my personal highlights this week was the try scored in the Year 7 rugby match.


There are loads of Christmas events coming up and we very much hope some of you will be able to join us for some of these events:


  • Thursday 5th December, 6.00pm - Christmas Concert (Junior site)
  • Thursday 12th December - Christmas Mini-Fete (Junior site, open to parents from end of school, 3.20pm)
  • Thursday 19th December, 4.00pm - Christmas Carol Service (Senior site)


There is also the Christmas Jumper Day on 13th December where hopefully we can raise lots of money for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I’ve made it very clear to staff that fun Christmas activities in lessons will not start until 19th December, which I’m told helps the English team when they are teaching the GCSE students about Scrooge !!



Have a good weekend.


Mr Farquhar


Musical Theatre – written by KJAR Students

On the senior site hall we did a drama and dance piece to a song called Revolting Children from the musical Matilda. We all really enjoyed it. It inspired us all for the future. During it we got to stand on the chairs and do lots of other really cool moves. It was fun and exciting and I felt like I was actually there in the musical itself. All of us really enjoyed it and some of us were singing along to the music. We got to choose some of the moves like at the end we got to make up our finishing poses.


“It was fun.” Jack Drage

“It was very active.” Alfie Barnaby

“Ryan was amazing.” Charlie Hawker

“It was crazy.” Roisin

“It was a creative way to get people to enjoy drama.” Alicia


Christmas Concert - Junior Site

We are delighted to invite you to a the Christmas Concert which includes any performing arts extra-curricular ensemble and is next Thursday (5th) from 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm.  Tickets are available from the Junior Site office.


Christmas Carol Service - Senior Site

The Carol Service (Thursday 19th December) includes all of Year 5 and the whole school community have been invited.  Year 5 have an electronic form to fill in but if you have any difficulties the office have paper copies. Everyone is welcome to that and it will consist of traditional carols and readings and is a service rather than a concert.

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