King James Academy Royston believe regular and punctual attendance is essential for effective learning, progress and achievement. Our aim for all pupils, is to provide a high quality education in a safe, caring and disciplined environment in which everyone can excel and enjoy learning. 

Attendance and punctuality is recorded daily and concerns pursued.  Every student should aim for 100% attendance and punctuality. Missing school regularly can impact on a child’s future success. We wish to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that your child attends school every day and on time. 

Absence Notification

We ask that parents or carers contact us on each day of absence before 8.30am by either telephoning the office on
01763 242236 or by emailing

Absence for appointments during the school day

All non-emergency medical appointments should be made outside of the school day. If your child needs to attend an emergency appointment parents/carers should advise the office in advance by email or telephone. We also request that confirmation of the appointment i.e. appointment card, text or email are given in advance or on returning from the appointment. Absences for appointments will be recorded as unauthorised if evidence is not provided. 

Request to authorise absence from school due to exceptional circumstances

Schools are only able to authorise absence from school in exceptional circumstances. In making a request for an authorised absence from school you need to explain why you feel that the circumstances are exceptional. 

Please note there is no right to authorise absence for a family holiday. If you take your child out of school without permission the absence will be unauthorised and we may refer the matter for consideration of legal action. You will need to explain why you are applying for an authorised absence and the circumstances which make your application exceptional, and why the leave cannot be taken within the normal 13 weeks annual holiday your child already has from school.

Click here to view and download our absence request form


Morning registration is at 8.35am. Students are expected to be in their registration classroom at this time. If a student arrives after this time it will be recorded with a late mark. Persistent lateness will incur a detention and will be referred to the head of year. 

If a student arrives after registers have closed, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

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